Announcing full funnel personalization with Audiences

  • Announcing full funnel personalization with Audiences

The new Audiences feature and a sneak peek into the Unless roadmap.

Announcing full funnel personalization with Audiences

Video transcript

Hi! This is Sander, CEO at Unless. We are a personalization platform for websites.

Today, i will give you an update on our roadmap and what you can expect in the next few weeks and months. About 3 months ago, we asked you how we could improve our service. You gave us the following topics to work on:

  1. A way to achieve full funnel personalization;
  2. An improved WYSIWYG editor that can also manipulate design elements easily;
  3. The ability to measure performance of personalized variations.

So, what is the status? Well, it pleases me to announce that we secretly launched our new Audiences feature in the past month. This new feature allows you to let visitors become members of a persistent audience that you can then use to personalize your entire website. All the way into your checkout, if needed. Audience membership can be maintained over time, so recurring visits of the same people will show consistent results.

And there is more. Within weeks, we will launch a totally new graphic editor, allowing you to redesign existing pages to exactly match the expectations of any specific audience. This will include not only text and images, but also new page elements and graphic design. Once that's done, we will focus on your final request, which will improve the ability to set goals and gather scientifically sound insights in the performance of your variations.

So, to find out more about full funnel personalization and all that comes with that, go to - and join for free.