Announcing suggested audiences

A great new feature will suggest audiences, based on traffic analysis.

Hi, I am Sander, CEO at

At Unless, we are working towards full-on automated personalization for any website and today, I would like to announce a significant step forward!

In the past year, we built a scalable, super-fast, serverless infrastructure to make your website respond like a human. The goal is simple: all across the world, websites convert poorly, while actual sales people do much better. We feel that your website deserves the same results - and that's what we are aiming for!

So far, we created a service to let you define audiences and personalize your website based on those. To achieve 1:1 personalization, these personalizations may fire at the same time - turning your traditional website into a human-like medium, responding differently to each visitor - and with great results so far. Some of our customers report absolute conversion uptakes of over 10%.

However, today, we are taking it a step further: we are proud to announce the first version of a feature called "suggested audiences". Based on the website goals that you define in our system, our algorithms will perform a traffic analysis and will suggest the best-performing audiences for your website.

This will allow you to focus on implementing the best tactics to turn even more visitors into customers. Our algorithms will improve over time using machine learning, and will eventually be your main source for segmentation.

Curious? Check it out at!